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  ​​2017 Costs ​​

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BED BUG Extermination - Take back your bedroom, your rest, and your health. Complete Bed bug treatment (steam, vacuuming, and pesticide application) is provided for each afffected room, plus mattress and box spring encasements. Call for the lowest estimate. I guarantee your satisfaction.

This bed bug has bitten his last little child

Maximum Control - Reg. $399.99***SALE $280.00 / 1 yr warranty
House ants, and all other ants (except carpenter ants), fleas, ticks, pill bugs, centipedes, roaches (except german cockroaches), and other household insect pests, including but not limited to spiders, crickets, earwigs, centipedes, stink bugs, millipedes, and more. This also includes exterior treatment for wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.  (The Max Control Program cannot cover fees for controlling local wildlife, flies or mosquitoes - these require a different approach...please see below for pricing). The Max Control program includes quarterly treatments inside and outside of your home.

General Pest Exterior Backpack Spray Control - Reg. $199.99***SALE $240.00 / 1 yr warranty
Four quarterly exterior treatments to control all general ground-based pests included above. Includes four quarterly treaments outside only, up to 5 feet from the foundation and 3 feet up the outside wall.

German Cockroaches - Reg $169***SALE $70.00 (per treatment).  Usually one treatment is all it takes if your areas are clean and orderly prior to treatment. We provide TOTAL treatment of affected areas.

INDIVIDUAL TREATMENTS (or add ons to the Max Control Program with 10% off prices listed below)

Mosquito Control Treatments.
The majority of daytime and night time mosquito activity can be controlled by power spraying the foilage and growth areas around a home with sprays and fogs. The treatments are odorless and safe for children or pets to play on when dry. Treatments will help for up to two months. Reg. $129.99****SALE $79.99 -  for a typical (up to) 1/2 acre yard (per treatment - treatments typically last two months).     

                                                                                                        ​Mosquito Spraying

Tick Control Treatments.
Ticks become active early in the spring and continue into fall but do not re-colonize a treated area quickly as mosquitoes do. Trimming tall grass, brush, eliminating brush/wood piles and removing bird nests reduces tick habitat and makes treatments more effective. Spring and fall treatments are recommended. Reg.$99.99 ****​SALE $79.99 for a typical (up to) 1/2 acre yard per treatment.

Single Application Pricing:

General Insect Pest interior and exterior spray - Reg Price $129.99 ****SALE $70.00​  - all perimeters of interior rooms and up to 5 feet around the foundation + 3 feet up the wall and eaves within reach of spray outside.

*All prices are for residential homes up to 2500 sq ft and for average size yard.
For homes over 2500 sq ft add $25 for each 1000 sq. ft for each service.

** For any insects or pests not listed please call for an estimate- we guarantee the lowest prices and your satisfaction.

Corporate discounts are also available.