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About Us

The owner of Cardinal insect & Pest Solutions has been employed as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager for over 21 years, and has earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Natural Science, as well as a Master's degree in Occupational and Environmental Health.

At Cardinal, safety is #1 and we know that many insects and pests can expose you and your family to many dangers and diseases. That's why we take our business so seriously, and it's why we pride ourselves on professionalism and NOT cutting corners when it comes to customer service.

It's nice to be able to help people. We have the training, the certifications, the expertise, and the professional equipment to handle the toughest infestation problems.

We use only precise applications of tried and true traditional pest management techniques. If for some reason the problem persists after we leave, we will come back free-of-charge to fix it. We ask that you give the treatment some time to work before we apply more chemicals to your home - depending on the problem.

Cardinal Insect & Pest Solutions is fully insured, and is licensed through the State of Missouri Department of Agriculture to conduct the full array of structural and wood destroying pest control.

We promise to ensure the lowest costs while also promising satisfaction guarantees. 

Please call us today at (636) 698-2829 if you need help with unwanted insect or animal pests. We offer both traditional and ECO-friendly solutions - and we look forward to assisting you.